West Coast Best Coast?

West Coast, Best Coast?

Slightly overdue update form my adventure to BC!

I went out and spent most of June watching, learning, and seeing how people do things on the other end of the country! Starting with an awesome road trip to Portland with the PK crew and a few others for the Portland track festival. Julie-Anne ran a PB Claire Qualified for FISU and Brogan learned what happens when you go out too hard in a 5k! We also got to stop into Eugene ( a bucket list item of mine) to see the mecca of our sport University of Oregon. We were fortunate enough to get lost on Pre’s trail due to some great orienteering by someone who will not be named, that resulted in a few who were racing the next day to enjoy a nice 30min walk back to the car in rain☹ From there it was time to watch NCAA T&F champs. What an atmosphere to be a part of and take in. While Brogan was busy being confused as her sister by a certain Syracuse runner, the rest of us were busy playing a fun game of pick the runner who is going to win before the first corner! FYI never bet against me- or your guy will fall, like in the men’s 800m!

Fast forward a day and we are off to our next adventure- sneaking on to the Nike campus. For those of you who have never been, check it out it amazing. You never know who you may see on a Sunday ripping around on the cedar trail. You could be fortunate like us to step out of the car and see Cam Levins ripping around, or like Cleo and be painfully close enough to realize it’s Jordan Hassay in front of you.

Fast forward to the end of the Portland meet and I’m off in the car with the BCEP crew to drive back to Van. Thanks again for the drive Brit!

After a nice 2 am arrival I had the pleasure of starting an 8:30 am class at UBC starting the graduate certificate portion of the Masters in High Performance Coaching. I’ve been looking forward to starting this program for quite some time after talking to a few coaches in the program. The week spent on UBC campus was amazing, lots of great learning and connections and of course sushi. I’m still working away on course work and enjoying the process of learning again. For anyone contemplating taking this masters program I highly recommend it! While in Vancouver BCEP was kind enough to have me out to watch a few workouts and chat with Rich, was a great learning experience to chat with Rich and see what this group does.

Once I finished up course work decided to take an extra week to visit some of the high performance groups out west and see if I could learn from them anything to take back to Kingston.

Big shout out to Jarius for putting me up for a few days and helping me explore Victoria- I can now see why everyone moves to Vic and nobody leaves! While in Victoria I got to spend some amazing time at CSI pacific and PISE, many many thanks to Heather, Trent and the whole team out there that let me to sit in and watch, chat and pick their brains on everything high performance sport. Also  thanks to Brent and Hilary while in Victoria, for having me out to a UVIC practice and a chat afterwards.

I learned a lot and reinforced even more from my time out there, I really believe if any coach has the ability to go out and visit other coaches in other high performance groups they should, often times discussing similar or different problems or situations can lead to shared solutions. My whole trip for the masters and visit was self funded but worth every penny to have the time and opportunity to see what all these high performance groups do to help make their athletes better every day!

Thanks to everyone from AC/ CSI/ UBC / UVIC and BCEP who helped make this trip possible and the learning opportunities so rich!

Oh yeah to answer the question of West Coast Best Coast…. I’m still in Ontario☺

P.s. Do pictures even have a place in blogs now that Instagram exists? Is there even a place for blogs now?
For pictures from the trip follow me @brant_run on Instagram


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